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"We have been using Wizards Products for several years now on our race cars. They work great! We use Mist-N-Shine on the body and Crystal Clear on the Lexan windshield. They work like a champ! These products are awesome! Thanks Wizards Products!"

-Ryan Finley
Shabbona, IL


"I've been using Wizards Products for several years. Not only are they the easiest products to use on my cars but the results are fantastic! They smell great and I will recommend Wizards to anyone!

-George Kring
Wilkey & Kring Motorsports
Athens, TN


"My 2007 Porsche GT3 occasionally goes to the track. The stray bits of rubber that fly up and hit you at 140 mph leave black "skid marks" or track rash all over the car. Shine Master is the only car care product I have found that can take the track rash off of my vinyl graphics without scratching it. Sure it removes the rash from painted surfaces, but to get it off the stone guard and vinyl, that's something that I have not found before, and I have a garage full of other stuff that doesn't work. This is a great product!"

-Warren Williamson
Loveland, OH


"We've been using Wizards for years on personal vehicles, and now offer it to our customers. Our favorite product is Metal Renew, as we've tested many other metal polishes and have found nothing to come close to Wizards Metal Renew. Whether we're cleaning dirty shop equipment, daily drivers, or high-end builds, we trust Wizards!"

-Jeff & Dale Schwartz
Schwartz Performance Inc.
Woodstock, IL


"These are the ceramic coated headers off my Chevelle that were heavily oil stained, burnt on. I used Metal Renew with 0000 steel wool and some elbow grease to get them back to close to new."

-Rusty Mack
New Ulm, MN


"I use Wizards exclusively on my car and on all new paint jobs we do. We always send our new paint job clients away with a bottle of Wizards Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer. We use Wizards to cut and polish all the new paint jobs we do and have ALWAYS been happy with the results as our customers have been too!"

-Joseph Gracia
Bay City, MI


"While on vacation in Wisconsin I had to get a fuse at Car Quest Auto Parts and noticed the display of Wizards Products. Talking to the store clerk he said this is the best polish he has ever used on his motorcycle and truck. He said it is easy to apply, reduces swirl marks and shines like no other polish on the market. Well I have used other polishes like Meguiar's for years and I couldn't wait to try it. In this picture of my 1997 Ford Explorer (16 yrs old) original paint, your polish took my Explorer to another level of shine. This product is awesome and I will only use this product from this day forth. THANKS for a great product!"

-Jim Weber
Asheville, NC


"This is my 63 Impala that was just finished last week with the help of my 75yr old dad. . . and it's already had a coat of wizards. Shine Master is the bomb! Easy to apply and remove. My dad swears by it, I take heart to his opinions and it left my car feeling like glass. This car wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for him. Thanks pops! As you can see the exterior came out just awesome."

-Phil Perez


"Hey guys, I wanted to thank you for my latest shipment. I found your products at Bike week in Daytona this year and fell in love with Mystic Spray Wax and Mist-N-Shine. I have a 2010 Heritage Softail and its never looked so good. The black paint is so clear it looks like a mirror. Everyone is asking how I keep my bike so clean and I tell them straight out, it's all the products from Wizards from the wax to the quick detailer. I'm so glad you ship to Canada!"

-Gary McCullagh
Acton, ON Canada


"Here's a picture of one of the customer cars that I used Wizards Products on. I just detailed the local police dept vehicles with Shine Master and Mystic Spray Wax. They turned out great! I know they aren't show cars, but everyday folks use your products too, not just show cars."

-Pete Ross
Pete's Car Care
Rochester, IL


"Here are a couple of pictures of my 1968 T-Bird. It wears it's original paint, vinyl top and interior. My T-Bird has never shined so much. Several members of the car club I belong to asked if I had it repainted. I am so thrilled with Wizards Products, you have a loyal product user for life! Awesome products!"

-Paul Tachis
Redwood City, CA


"I've been detailing for 4 year with solid training and experience on paint correction and deep scratch removal. My chemical supplier introduced me to Wizards Turbo Cut and Finish Cut compounds and their ability to break down and bond with the clear coat quickly. Safe for beginners because it reduces the chance of burning paint. While leaving a beautiful glossy finish."

-Alexander Killips
Alma, MI


"I work at the Parts Peddler in Dexter, Michigan. It's a family owned and operated auto parts store. A customer came in with a 93 F350 with original paint. It was heavily oxidized after 20 years of neglect. I used Mystic Polish and followed up with Shine Master. Unbelievable! 20 years of neglect erased in a matter of seconds. Great product! The customer actually came back today and I wanted to try another product that I like on it called Liquid Lustre. I had to rub twice as hard and it didn't do nearly as good a job. The Wizards area was much smoother too. The Liquid Lustre area still had some grit to it. Wizards works! Easy on, easy off, and you can't beat the shine!"

-Kevin Riddle
Parts Peddler
Dexter, MI


"Slick and smooth. Ready for first round of qualifying, 7.0 pro at the Blue Suede Cruise Norwalk. Thanks Wizards Products!"

-Tony Lombardi
Ross Racing Engines
Niles, OH


"Got the products I ordered and already polished my newest car of three classics. Took it out and got lots of compliments. She's a sweet ride - 1972 Javelin AMX SST, Pierre Cardin Special. I take my cars to a lot of shows and while at car shows everyone asks what polish everyone uses. I'm sold on yours so you may see a few more orders coming from Calgary. Thanks again for the great service."

-Gary Thoreson
Calgary, AB Canada


"Wizards Shine Master is the only thing that took off this oxidization issue that covered my entire 11 year old vehicle. Turbo Cut was used on the glass as well. Worked wonders! Here's a photo of part of the roof. Thank you, Wizards!"

-Angela Kelly


"My husband has used your products for years and he loves them. Everywhere we go with our 1977 Grand Prix and our 2010 Harley Davidson Trike people ask him how he keeps them shining. He says, 'I use Wizards Products.'"

-Cathy Skaife
Platteville, WI


"Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS is a full service custom body shop. We are not only a Wizards dealer, but we use Wizards Products on all of our builds. Our painter likes Turbo Cut because it is water based and easy cleanup, it also cuts better than the other products out there. Another crew member likes Shine Master because it's easy on, easy off and leaves a deep shine. The Water Bandit is the best chamois we've used, and we've tried them all! Mist-N-Shine is the favorite product among the entire crew!"

"This 1934 Ford was debuted at SEMA 2012 and shown on the ISCA circuit. We've won several awards including paint awards. Throughout the tour, Mist-N-Shine kept a deep shine on the paint and a high gloss on the chrome. We've gone through lots of Mist-N-Shine this season! It not only works great, it smells great too!"

-Chris Carlson
Chaotic Customs

Mulvane, KS


"At Flame N Finks Detail Shop in Princeton MN, we EXCLUSIVELY use Wizards Products. Here are some photos of one of our latest projects, a 1962 Airstream 26' travel trailer. The trailer had never been polished prior to Flame N Finks doing it. We have had a lot of questions on the specifics of the project, so here are the stats: 2 people, 45 hours (combined), 80 ounces of Wizards Metal Renew, 32 ounces of Wizards Power Seal, 4 100% wool pads. Please Check out the Flame N Finks Detail Shop Facebook page to see other projects we have done using Wizards Products!"

-Jeff Bartheld
Flame N Finks Detail Shop
Princeton, MN


"The new Mystic Spray Wax is great whether you're gearing up for a show or just planning to cruise around with your best friend."

-David Jeffrey and Dally the dog
Fort Smith, AR


"I have used Mist-N-Shine on my 67 Camaro and 03 Dodge Ram since 2008. I have never used any other product that even comes close, perfect deep shine every time. Mist-N-Shine is awesome!"

-Gary Tassi
Custer Park, IL


"I had my Bullitt at a car show on a windy day with the hood open and a plastic sign under my wipe. The wind whipped the sign back and forth leaving scratches on my hood, I was upset! At the car show was a Wizards dealer and I asked him if his product could remove these scratches? He got about 75% of them out and told me that I could get the rest of them out with a buffer. He was right! That was 3 years ago and now that is all I use is Wizards on my Stang!"

-Gary Dahl
Rosemount, MN


"My name is Dr. Sarah Watson, and I have been using Wizards metal polish on my late 50's model Bruce Lovins Parade Saddle for years. There is a lot of monel metal on this set, and it all has to be polished and used in a dusty, sometimes slobbery show ring. That being said, I haven't found anything that works as well as Wizards. The three World Championships, and Pinto Parade Horse of the Year speak to just how lovely Wizards makes all of our tack. This year we are riding to support the Saddlebred Rescue, INC. Wizards has been generous and donated a group of products to be auctioned at the annual fund raising auction."

-Sarah Watson
Oak Park, IL


"Just wanted to say thanks to Adam and the team at Wizards Products for some AMAZING products. I first heard about their products through a friend of mine, while I was at a car show. I noticed their booth so I stopped in to see what was available, Adam greeted me as I walked up to the booth. I purchased the Detailing Cool Kit he recommended and proceeded to the spot where my car was, needless to say I was AMAZED! The car had never shined the way it did now with this AMAZING product, I was in awe! Well shortly after I wiped my car down with the Wizards Mystic Spray Wax, I walked back to Adam and bought a full case of the product! I will be using Wizards Products from now on with my cars!"

-Jeff Bianchi
Chicago, IL


"This is the way my 1956 Chevy looks after using your Mist-N-Shine and Mystic Spray Wax."

-Andy Salinas
Irving, TX


"I have a 2010 Challenger RT. I love your products, especially Shine Master. When I have the car parked at work I get a lot of comments about the shine, asked many times what am I using."

-Pete Pritchard
Menomonie, WI


"Hello I am the owner of Showcase Restorations in Mansfield, Ohio. We just got done rebuilding a 2009 Chevy Silverado which we did a complete custom build on. We went as far as ordering a new frame from GM and then sending it out and having it acid dipped. We painted it basecoat clearcoat black and buffed it out along with all the underbody panels on the truck. This truck is now a custom candy blue and black two tone. We have used ONLY Wizards Products to buff it out and keep the truck nice, polished and clean at shows."

-Jeffrey Smith
Showcase Restorations
Mansfield, OH


"You have some good products. Been using them for years. Your Mist-N-Shine works great for water spots and dust. Saves me $100 wash jobs! Thanks!

-Dave Schoon
Ortonville, MN


"I received my shipment of polish yesterday, and immediately put a coat of your Shine Master Polish on my new to me, 2003 Porsche C4S. I'd been using Mequiar's Ultimate Polish previously. Your polish is awesome . . . I can't believe how much better of a shine I got out of your polish, it's wonderful."

-Mitch Leland
Fredericksburg, TX


"Hi guys I would just like to say how happy I am with using your products on my 1934 Chev Coupe. I drive the car often as well as show it. I need a simple but effective system and since using Wizards I have had people comment on how highly polished the car looks. With doing a lot of photo shoots with models the car is always in demand and am told it's the most reflective black paint they've ever seen. Keep up the good work and hope you like the pics of the coupe."

-John Fairbairn


"I have been using your products on my recently restored and modified Honda Civic. Before you jump to opinions on the stereotype of Hondas, you have to understand there is a very large Honda community worldwide with top notch paint and parts just as we see in so many of the classic cars. Since using your products to cut and buff my car after getting it freshly painted, I have been using all of your sprays, washes and waxes and am very thoroughly impressed with them!"

-Eric Dabbert
Sioux Falls, SD


"This pic was taken right before entering the Baddest Bagger show in Sturgis - right after it was detailed with Wizards Products! Thanks for helping me stand out and win American Bagger's Editors Choice!"

-Bob Closson, Jr.
Cedar Falls, IA


"We're using all Wizards Products to rub out our 33 Ford and keep it shiny."

-John Harmon
Ultimate Collision Center
Taylor Springs, IL


"By chance at a local car show 8 years ago I found out about Wizards Products. There was a 52 Chevy there that had a shine that was unbelievable. I asked him what polish he was using and he told me about Wizards Shine Master and Mist-N-Shine. I tried it on my vehicles and the results were amazing. Now I'm the guy that people ask at the shows what polish I'm using. All of the members in our car club use Wizards Products and we have converted many people over the years. Here's a picture of my 1971 454 SS Chevelle with original factory black lacquer paint. If it can make a 41 year old paint job look like this, imagine what it can do to your finish. I've tried them all over the years and Wizards is by far the best. The 58 trophies my antique vehicles have won over the last 8 years can attest to that. Thank you Wizards! Keep up the good work!"

-Jan Svach
Pittsburgh, PA


"I was the winner of Garage-Girls Biker Makeover. I wanted to let you know your products arrived today in that VERY CLASSY carrying case! You couldn't ask for a harder working spokes bike for your products! She's a bike with almost 200K on her. During summer, resting to allow me to clean her is something she doesn't get to enjoy too much. And usually all she gets is a bath, a lick and a promise. WHEW . . . she's gonna fool a whole lotta people into thinking shes a pampered trailer queen now! I'm happy as a pig in . . . yea . . . I'm that happy."

-Marilyn Bragg


"I have a black 2008 Jeep Cherokee with faded, oxidized paint. I used several products (even a polish I paid $69.99 for that said was the best) thinking that would bring back the deep black paint. It did bring a lot of the shine back, but using a light behind me I could still see the haze on the paint. I heard about Shine Master and told I should try it, so I ordered some. What a wonderful product. While polishing by hand I took a photo showing the difference between the $69.99 product I used first and then the Shine Master polish after. With the light behind me you can really see the difference in the shine. There are still some swirl marks I will work on, but one thing at a time. Again, fantastic product and can only continue the word of mouth to my friends to use on their vehicles."

-Mark Fedder
Osceola, IN


"I've been using Wizards for several years. After trying many other brands, Wizards by far out shines and out classes them all. Our PT Cruiser was built in August of 2000 and is close to 13 years old. Except for the hood, the paint is all original and Wizards keeps it looking great. I'm always being asked when I got my car repainted and my reply is, 'Never, thank you.' I created and head up the "Carolina PT Cruisers" and many of us hit as many local car shows and cruise-ins as possible. It may not be the oldest, coolest or fastest car in the show but it always gets second and third looks as they walk by."

"I've been involved with cars since 1969 when I first got my drivers license. The biggest pain was always waxing the car. I'm so thankful it has gotten much easier especially now that I'm pushing 60. Thanks Wizards!"

-Rick Flow
Charlotte, NC


"I have used your products for several years on several vehicles and am very pleased using your Wipe Down Matte Finish product. I have recently completed a custom Harley bagger and used a blue metallic Hot Rod Flatz paint with a matte finish. This product is exactly what I needed to detail and bring out the color without any gloss or wax. This product is extremely easy to use and makes it easier to clean the bike in a short amount of time. I receive compliments on the bike all the time. Wizards Products helps makes it possible. Thanks for making such a great consistent product that I can trust using each and every time!"

-Aaron Gross
Mound, MN


"I have more converted Wizards user stories to share!"

-Don Weigel
Shine Line Mine
Hutchinson, KS

"Ron and Cathy Blaha of Wichita Kansas are the owners of this pristine black 1999 ZR-1 with 3,000 miles. Cathy shared her story with me about the passion for her car and the rating of 99.2 she received on the flawless ZR-1! Cathy said that this car never sees water and Wizards Mist-N-Shine is her choice to keep the black a mirror finish."


"Stan shared his story with me recently at Newton's Car Show. Stan purchased this car in 1962 and had a lot of fond memories until selling it around 1982. Sometime around 1984 he received a phone call from a man in Western Kansas stating that he purchased the car and wanted to contact the previous owner and get some history on the 1957 Venetian Red Corvette. Stan explained that he told the new owner that if he should ever want to sell it to give him first shot to buy it back. Much to Stan's surprise, he later received a call from the current owner explaining that he had a new home and his wife told him that the car needed to go! Stan has his pride and joy back and told me that Wizards Mist-N-Shine is the product he uses on his '57 to keep it looking its very best at all shows!"


"I have used Wizards Mist-N-Shine for the last 18 months and will never use anything else on my daily drivers and show cars. A friend of mine, Rich Smith from "Mustangs To Fear," introduced me to your products and I have been thoroughly impressed. I have been detailing cars for the last 20 years and have never ran across a product that leaves a perfect shine with out any greasy residue! Thanks so much for making great products!"

-Brian E. Kiser
Frankfort, KY


"We found that the Wizards Products were very efficient and did excellent work with very little effort. They made the natural shine pop out of the paint of our vehicle. It really shows that their creator has a thorough understanding of the business and makes it happen!"

-Jean-Simon Goudreau
Campagna Motors
Boucherville, QC Canada


"The shop I have been working with on my car (Midwest Hot rods in Plainfield, IL) uses Wizards Products for all their detailing needs and strongly recommended your Mist-N-Shine. The first show I headed to last year was Goodguys in Columbus, OH. I had forgetten to pick up the detailer prior to leaving, so I picked up one of your competitor's products for the show. I used this product for a little while since I had a full bottle. I picked up a bottle of your Mist-N-Shine prior to another show. On a whim, I decided to try it versus your competitor's product. What a difference! The first thing I noticed is that it seemed to clean the car much better, and the finish it left was slicker, easier to wipe. The second thing I noticed is that the color depth and shine on the car was more noticeable. The color just seemed to "pop" more. I have also found it VERY useful for putting the finishing touches on the glass. Needless to say, I still have half the bottle of your competitor's product left, sitting unused since I really like the finish look and feel with your Mist-N-Shine!!"

-Joe Weibler
West Chicago, IL


"I just want to let you know your products are the best we have found and I wouldn't use anything else on our cars."

-Tyler Nelson
G3 Rods
Rapid City, SD


"I have used many different spray and shine types of detailer spray but none come close to WIZARDS. Thanks for the awesome product."

-Tim Hartman
Brodhead, WI


"I've been using Mist-N-Shine on my bike for about two months - best and easiest product I have used so far! While in Daytona for Bike Week this year, I met Damon and Amy and wound up coming home with an arm load of Wizards Products. I was scared to use just any product on my black paint, but Damon showed me how easy it was to make my bike shine like it never has before, and even got a couple of scratches out of the paint while I was there! Got home and used Bike Wash first, then Turbo Cut, then Shine Master followed by Mist-N-Shine. My 2011 Street Glide never looked better! Thanks again Damon and Amy."

-Joe Riley
Fancy Farm, KY


"These old wheels have been through it all. Thanks Wizards for making them look new again!"

-Lee Fisher
Wausau, WI


"It's not a bike but it sure does shine especially the metals . . . chrome, aluminum and even the rotors for the shows!"

-Martin Sampson
Kirkland, WA


"This is my 01 Grand Prix and a picture of a 40th Anniversary wing for it painted, wetsanded and then polished to a shine with Wizards. You guys are awesome! I used Wizards Turbo Cut, then Finish Cut to buff out the wetsand marks. Then I used Shine Master and Mist-N-Shine to really bring out the mirror-like shine! Simply stated . . . Wizards . . . it's magic!"

-Jake Didier
Farwell, MN


"We have a 1933 Ford Cabriolet which we showed at the Detroit Autorama in February. Although the car has 21,700 miles, it shows well and took an award in our class. After using many other products I tried Wizards Mist-N-Shine, which I purchased at the show. I liked how easy it was to use and my wife said it actually enhanced the color. After doing the entire car I was really impressed at the job it did. Many people commented on the beautiful finish and asked what I used to get it. I told them after using many different polishes over the years I was amazed at the difference Wizards Mist-N-Shine made. It not only deepened the shine but it also brightened the chrome. Great product, we highly recommend it."

-Roland & Jane Brennan
Buffalo, NY


"I cleaned this convertible top using Wizards Power Clean. We thought the car may need a new top, but were amazed at the results the Power Clean showed."

-CJ Szymanowski, Caretaker
-Sylas Montgomery, Owner

Montgomery Farms 
Fremont, OH


"I have used your products for years and thought I would send you some impressive before & after pics of my 84 Freightliner Cabover. Five hours with the buffer and 1&1/2 bottles of Turbo Cut Compound . . . just about good as new!"

-Jim Johnson
Clark, SD


"I bought Wizards Products Mist-N-Shine after a fellow woodie owner at the Lake Arrow Show sprayed and cleaned my fenders. I was hooked. I finished the car that day last June and ordered my own bottle. I've used it at three shows and always get many great comments about the shine. This product just helped me win Best of Show at Indian Wells, CA on February 11, 2012 too. GREAT shine and easy to use."


-Bob Hill
Indio, CA


"I own a custom paint shop and love when the customer comes to look at their project and sees the brilliant shine we get from using Wizards Products. The products have never let me down and I will continue to use them faithfully."

-Mark Daniels, Owner
Psychotic Air Custom Paint and Airbrushing
Batavia, IL


"In May 2011 my '38 SS-80 Brough Superior won 'Best in Show' at Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA. Quail is recognized as one of the top 3-4 shows in the country. The bike has won some 11-12 'Best in Shows/Best in Class' since 2003 at top shows all over the country. I'm a strong believer in, and have purchased, Mist-N-Shine, Metal Polish, Supreme Seal and Finish Cut for years. I have found neither MAAS nor Meguiars, nor 3M nor any other wax/polish to be better than Wizards. Mist-N-Shine wins hands down."

-Gene Brown
Denver, CO


"Just wanted to say I took some Metal Renew to some of the side trim and chrome on my car. That stuff works AWESOME! Great product!"

-Jason Baggenstoss
Hugo, MN


"Wizards Products are simply amazing! I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 4 years ago. Many things have become too tedious for me to do including waxing my car. By the time I was finished cleaning my car and waxing I was completely down for 2 days at a minimum. It just took so much out of me to clean the vehicle. Then I discovered Wizards Products. To my surprise, the products were simply amazing. They went on very easily by hand and came off just as easy. What was typically a tedious chore had turned into a job which I could accomplish without feeling so strained and have the car look so breathtaking after the utilization of your products. Thanks Wizards Products for all you have done!"

-Reggie Binns
Coto de Caza, CA


"My 2002 GSX-R1000 is my pride and joy. It's won several trophies, including "Best Paint" and first place in Radical Sports Bike class, Thunder Beach 2011. Needless to say I spend many hours cleaning, polishing and shining her up. I've tried many products, but Wizards Mist-N-Shine is amazing, especially when you need a quick shine before a show. And for that deep glossy look, Wizards Shine Master is THE BEST! The smell is terrific and it leaves no residue. I am lucky to have such an incredible bike but was even luckier to have met Amy Antonsen of Wizards Products and experience for myself the great quality and results of these products firsthand at Thunder Beach 2011. I can't speak for others, but for me, I know what products I will be using!"

-Michael Green
Ozark, AL


"I am a very big fan of Wizard's cleaning and polishing products for motorcycles. Easy to use and the results are fantastic! Two years ago I decided to try Wizards Metal Polish on my bike. The results were amazing and I fell in love. Mist-N-Shine is another incredible product. I have a stock of Wizards cleaning and polishing goodies on hand. I am getting ready for the Lone Star Rally Bike Show and will be cleaning and polishing with the hopes of catching the eyes of the judges and crowd. I love the Wizards goods and will be using them for a long time to come. Truly a great product and one I recommend to all my friends."

-Coy Plumline
Roanoke, VA


"I first learned about Wizards products from a friend who details cars for a living. We were at a show when he said my 2008 SRT8 Challenger looked real good but could look better. My response, 'yea right.' So he breaks out this bottle with no label and does one side of the roof. The difference was unbelievable. I asked my friend, 'What is that?' He wouldn't tell me. I learned later it was Mist-N-Shine. A week later I had him come to my house to detail both my Mopars, "Cherry" (72 Duster 340) and "Crush" (2008 SRT8 Challenger). After a good wash, rinse and dry, he applied Shine Master. The cars never looked so good. He finally told me the name of the products. He also told me that between washing and waxing to apply Mist-N-Shine. The best detailer I have ever used and I've used them all. I'm hooked on Wizards and share the name with all I meet every chance I get." 

-Greg Anderson
Queen Creek, AZ


"We were in Panama City Beach for the Thunder Beach Autumn Rally. At registration we recived a free sample Wizards cycle care kit. We were told about Bug Release and how it worked. On the way home we hit bugs big time -- bugs all over the bike! Today I went out to unload the trike and here was the kit we got. I took out the Bug Release and tried it on a small spot. Just like we were told, bugs started running off the spot, no hard rubbing needed. Now I can say the trike is bug free just like we had it all clean at the show. By the way we took 4th overall in People's Choice and 2nd place in Mild Trike. Hope you like our Trike as much as we do."

-Alan Bailey
Flat Rock, AL


"I don't always clean my ride, but when I do, I only use Wizards!"

-Don Monshau
Joliet, IL


"I would like to thank you guys for making the best compounds on the planet. My company is responsible for painting and finishing panels that are on the roof of the new Fisker Karma hybrid supercar. I use your Mystic Cut, Turbo Cut, Finish Cut and Shine Master exclusively on these panels. We can't afford to leave swirl marks in these black panels, so Wizards is a big help!"

-Geoff Scott
AM Motorsports
Pontiac, MI


"Over the last five years Wizards has taken care of all our vehicles, and now the most recent one, a Chevy SSR, will be forever pampered with Wizards famous Mist-N-Shine. Thank you so much for bringing out the best shine in our vehicles."

-Glen & Amy Ritz
Lynden, WA


"We've only used Wizards Products since day one. Our purple Wizards Cool Kit never leaves 'LowLark,' our 67 Buick Special Wagon. Extremely satisfied with the products -- especially Mist-N-Shine."

-Greg Peterson, Owner
Extreme Powder Coating
Blooming Prairie, MN


"I have owned and operated an autobody repair business for 15 years. I have used Wizards Products for the last 6 years. Love them! Safe for my shop. I sand and buff most of my paint jobs from a 2000 to a 3000 grit wet sand. I use Turbo Cut, Finish Cut and Shine Master with your buffing pads and finish with Mist-N-Shine. I get a perfect shine that will stay."

-Corey Kuhlemeier
Kuhlemeier Auto Sales
Rudd, IA


"I own Hank's Auto Refinishing and have been in business for 12 years. I've used Wizards Products the entire time. I like that your products are bodyshop safe. I love the Mist-N-Shine, it's great for the shop and for use at car shows and cruises. Shine Master gives me a very slick finish that my customers love and always ask how you get the paint so slippery smooth."

-Henry Skocz
Hank's Auto Refinishing
Butler, PA


"This is my 1967 Mustang. I have had this car since I was 15 (29 years). It was cut, buffed and polished all with Wizards in 2007. That is why I became a dealer!"

-Andy Dunn
Dunn's Auto & Machine
Beloit, WI


"Mist-N-Shine is simply the best for a black car (and any other color)! I have a bottle in all six of my cars and a bottle in all three garages. I have converted all my friends over too. At Autorama there are several companies selling their appearance products and I have tried them all. Everyone asks me what I use and I pull out the bottle. This year Meguiars came by with their video camera out and my gleaming car caught their eye. Then they saw the Mist-N-Shine bottle and split! Thanks for the great products!"

-Jeff Rink
Troy, MI


"Our 30 Ford Sedan was cut, buffed and polished with Wizards Products. Every time we go to a car show, Wizards Mist-N-Shine is right there with us. Wizards Products have helped us win countless awards, not to mention all the great compliments we receive. If you want an award-winning finish, we recommend none other than Wizards -- and, of course, time and great talent. Once we finish a customer's car and they see the shine, they love it and are hooked on Wizards!"

Color Me Crazy Hot Rods
Albuquerque, NM


"Last summer I took my 36 Ford 3 Window Coupe on a 5,000 roadtrip across the Southwest US visiting some of our great national parks and a few hot rod shows along the way. My car sports satin black paint which I easily cleaned using Wizards Wipe Down and their Multi-Fiber detail cloth, making it show-ready in minutes. It cleans without streaking, unlike others I have tried."

Minneapolis, MN


"We have used Wizards Products for many years. Mist-N-Shine and Tire & Vinyl Shine work great for the last minute detail. Wipe Down is a huge time saver on clean up in the shop - great for getting the compound out of the gaps and jambs and any residue off the surface. Wizards keeps us looking good from the shop to our personal hot rods."

-Neil Bateman
Wright County Collision
Buffalo, MN


"Mist-N-Shine lets our fleet of vehicles shine each and every time. Thanks to Wizards and their exceptional products."

-Seiji Limousine
Las Vegas, NV


"From selling the products in the parts store I used to work at, to using them in my own shop and on my personal hot rods; I haven't found anything that works likes Wizards."

-Jeff "Titus" Bloedorn
East Side Speed Shop
Stillwater, MN


"I only use Wizards Products on my show vehicle. Mist-N-Shine and Tire & Vinyl Shine keep my baby winning those top awards. Thanks for the great products."

-Don Gress
Palm Coast, FL


"I just wanted to say I was a little skeptical this weekend when I bought the Metal Polish, but wow! It's amazing for getting rid of the crazy amount of brake dust I had on my rims. I have tried everything to get rid of it in the course of 8 years. Thank you for making such an incredible product. I only wish I had found it sooner. I would have saved a lot of time and money."

-Dawnette Davis
Woodbury, MN


"Last summer and into fall I put four coats of Shine Master on my 2007 Chevy Malibu. We had a hard winter with little chance to wash the vehicle really well. This spring when I cleaned the vehicle myself, last year's shine was better than some freshly detailed cars I'd seen and I didn't give it any more polish! Wizards Products just keep shining!"

-Jack Salonica
Steubenville, OH


"When I took delivery of my 2010 Nissan 370Z, I told the dealership not to wax or machine buff it. I wanted plain, bare paint to apply Shine Master to. The breathability is important to new car finishes like my Z, plus I really liked the gloss and remarkable ease of use when applying Shine Master by hand. It's a great product guys. Thank you for inventing and developing it."

-Lucky Haynes
Gray, TN


"I am asked often if I had my 29 Ford Tudor repainted. My answer every time is, 'No, I use Wizards Products!' My paint is 11 years old with more than 30k miles and still shines like new! I am a Wizards fan for life."

-Robert Gullickson
Forest Lake, MN


"My customer, Mike, uses and recommends Mist-N-Shine, Supreme Seal, Metal Renew and Power Seal on his award-winning car. He built the car himself and has been invited to the last two Meguiars Masters Finals (Imagine that, a car with a full detail using Wizards at a Meguiars show!). This car also won 'King of the Show' at the 2011 Extreme Horsepower Show."

-Wayne Hallett, Wizards Independent Distributor for Australia
Reynella, South Australia


"Here is a pic of my 1000+ HP street driven Chevelle. The only products that touch it are Wizards. The more Shine Master and Mist-N-Shine on it, the deeper the color and greater the protection. Water is not an option on my car, but if it does get wet it runs off unbelievably. Thanks again for your great products -- one reason I became a dealer. Thanks Wizards!"

-John Stewart
Kenosha, WI


"I'm certainly not the best photographer, but the difference after one hand-rubbed application of the Finish Cut and Shine Master is amazing. There was horrible oxidation and weird deep, dark stripes that looked like a zebra. Gone!"

-Geoff Bolek
East Haven, CT


"My grandfather gave me my first bottle of Mist-N-Shine a couple years ago. I remember thinking, 'What's this silly spray in a funny pink bottle? It must not be that great if I've never heard of it.' But WOW did I fall in love with it! I probably used that Mist-N-Shine daily for a good month and my car was looking spectacular! Now I am a die hard Wizards fan for life. I love the products and I recommend Wizards Products to everyone I know!"

-Joe Craft
Eagan, MN


"I started using the Wiz on a fatboy a number of years ago and I told a friend of mine he should do the same. Now it's all we use on all our Guide Dogs bikes and my FLHX has never had anything else on it."

-Chris Simmons
Richfield, MN


"I found Wizards Products through another member of our club, West Coast Kappa Car Club. Once I tried Mist-N-Shine, I was hooked! I also use Shine Master, Supreme Seal, Wizards Wash, Black Renew and Leather Plus. My car looks better than new to this day."

-Pete Ruegg
Antioch, CA


"I mistakenly picked up Mist-N-Shine thinking it was something else. I decided to use it and have not stopped! I have used quite a few (maybe all) other detailers and have not found anything that even comes close to giving me the same results. My Monte is all original and I've gotten a better than original shine back. I love it! Thanks for such a great and easy-to-use product!"

-David Smith
Raleigh, NC


"We used Turbo Cut to buff this heavily oxidized headlight to like-new condition!"

Roadrunner's Body Shop
Huachuca City, AZ


"Only Wizards products have been used on this car. Great products. Great shine. Makes it shine with the best!"

-Richard Van Wyhe
Shasta Lake, CA


"I use Bug Release and Mist-N-Shine and nothing works better. I tell all my friends to use Wizards. Kudos to you for making such great products!"

-Angel Sanchez
West Sacramento, CA


"The perfect solution to a perfect shine. Nothing but Wizards Mist-N-Shine is used on my aqua 92 Corvette."

-Amy Ritz
Lynden, WA


"I have used Wizards Mist-N-Shine since 2005 on my freshly painted Vette. I've never used any wax -- just Mist-N-Shine. I have won Best In Class at the last four World of Wheels and 1st place in many outdoor shows."

-Russ Hayes, Sr.
Burlington, WI


"Thank you for making a great product! I recently had my bike painted and your Mist-N-Shine was the only one for new paint - not to mention the awesome job it does on other parts of the bike like chrome. I am proud to say I found my favorite new detailer! My only regret is not finding it sooner! I will 100% recommend Wizards Products to everyone!" 



"I won Best Paint at the Thunder Beach Bike Show. I received one of your Cool Kits along with my award. I was excited to try the products. The Mist-N-Shine works wonders! The polish gives the paint on my bike a 3D effect. I highly recommend Wizards Products to anyone who owns a motorcycle. Thanks to Wizards for my products! Really makes cleaning and polishing my motorcycle easy!"

-J.J. Meeks
Montgomery, AL





"Check out these before and after photos of the 1945 Dodge Pick-up 3-speed transmission we recently cleaned up with Crud Release."

Roadrunner's Body Shop
Huachuca City, AZ




"Mist-N-Shine is the best thing ever! I use it on my Peterbilt 359 every day!"

-Chris Nason
Big Lake, MN





"I have a 1956 Cadillac with paint that is over 30 years old. I could not keep the shine on it for more than a couple weeks when it needed to be polished again. Now, after using Supreme Seal, I only have to rinse off the dust, wipe it dry and I'm good all summer. The tough, high-gloss, shine stays on it and doesn't fade out. "

-Ted Kepler
Rutledge, MN







"We use Wizards Mist-N-Shine with great showroom-like results every time!"           

-Joe Stuhr
Custom Fab & Body LLC
Marion, WI







"This is our 1930's Retro Chief model that we manufacture in California. All proudly made in the USA. We absolutely love and believe in your products. We were at a show and had forgotten to pack our detailing supplies in the big rig for the bikes. Two of the bikes were poorly detailed. Out of desperation I dug through the boxes in the rig and came up with some cleaner. I sprayed it on and was amazed at the job it had just done. The bikes had some nasty stuff on them and it did the job with ease. I looked at the bottle and realized it was the sample of Mist-N-Shine I had gotten at a recent show. It is by far the best cleaner we have ever used."

-Mike (Kiwi) Tomas
Kiwi Indian MotorCycles
Riverside, CA







"I own this 1979 El Camino. I only use Wizards Products on the car. This car was a Gold winner at the MCNCN Show in Chicago. I'm also a car painter and have been using Wizards Products for 8 years. The Mist-N-Shine is great! It doesn't leave a film on the car. The Shine Master is the only thing for black. It made my car's shine 45+ inches deep!"

-Tim Szymanski
Kenosha, WI






"Your detailer is way superior to Meguiar's. I ran out of Wizards detailer last weekend, and really found that Meguiar's just doesn't equal your Mist-N-Shine. Your products are the top of the line. Thank you again! They make our 2007 Mustang GT BEAUTIFUL!"

-Curt Fehr
Overland Park, KS







"This is my 70 Corvette. The shine is 100% Wizards!"

-Tom Adams
Corvettes Anonymous
Clearwater, FL




"My Magnum was cut, buffed and sealed with Wizards Products. It was recommended that I only use Wizards Products to keep that mirror-like finish. We also use Wizards Products on my Mustang and my husband's Corvette. I am completely sold on the Mist-N-Shine. It is simply the best for dusting or after a fresh car wash. It smells so good too -- almost tropical sweet. Wizards, what else can one say?"

-Amy Ritz
Lynden, WA







"This is our 1967 Chevy II Nova Pro Street. The only product that ever touches it is Wizards Mist-N-Shine! Never any water!"

-Christine Hackett
Royersford, PA




"My 1963 Cushman Standard Silver Eagle Model 765 had a total frame up restoration in 1997. All that has ever been used on it is Wizards Products since it was restored. After 12 years, and a lot of riding (this is no trailer queen!), it is still taking trophies! In 2009 it won multiple first and second place trophies. I was using Wizards Products long before I started selling them, and this scooter is a testament to the superior quality and durability of the Wizards line of products."

-Jeff Bartheld, Inside Sales
Wizards Products




"I use Wizards Products on my Nissan Armada and new Corvette. I really like the Corvette to shine, especially when auto-crossing. When I purchased it in December 2008, it had a beautiful shine. I used Supreme Seal to protect the paint when I first got it and have used Shine Master since then to maintain the gorgeous shine. In the sun the car just glows! I also love the Mist-N-Shine for taking off road dirt, bugs, etc. I have only washed the car three times, only when absolutely necessary. Wizards is the best group of products I have ever used!"

-Dave Thomas
Modesto, CA





"I originally bought my bike new in 2006. It is a Harley FatBoy 'slightly' modified. The bike is a tribute to all Veterans past and present especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  It gets a Wizards bath with Bike Wash three times a week. During the riding season even more when I travel all over WI, IL and MN. I use the Mist-N-Shine and Bug Release a lot too. I also like the compounds and buffing kit. I always tell people what products I use. I even carry a small pistol sprayer of Mist-N-Shine in my vest that people laugh about."

-Daniel Blanchard
Menomonie, WI




"Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I love your products. I currently own a black 2007 Shelby GT500 and have been a car enthusiast since I could drive. I have tried many products over the years and have not been totally pleased with them until I used Wizards. When I go to car shows people compliment me on the shine, and of course I ask them what they use on their own cars. I tell them I use Wizards. There was a car owner that was using Meguiar's Quik Detailer and I told the owner that I used to use that but never could get the shine like I wanted and had to rub hard to try to get rid of the oily residue. I told them to try Wizards Mist-N-Shine and after they did, they asked me where to get it! Enough said!"

-Kerry Roudebush
Fort Wayne, IN

"I've been a user of Wizards Products on all my customer and personal cars for over a decade. I use Mist-N-Shine on EVERYTHING! It's the only product I've found that consistently doesn't haze, smear or leave streak marks behind. I really like Vinyl & Tire Shine because it doesn't leave a greasy mess. Black Renew makes 25 year old moldings look like new! Wipe Down works great for getting a good visual inspection between steps when buffing. Leather Plus goes on really easy and doesn't leave 'visible product' in all the seams and cracks of a leather interior. My customers always ask what I did to make their seats smell so good. Metal Renew works really well on aluminum rims without a whole lot of work. It works even better with the Metal Buffs. We also use a lot of your Multi-Fiber towels because they don't scratch anything. When you're working around other peoples cars, you can't be worried about your towels."

-Aaron Dahle, owner
Shepards Corvette Supply








"The bike got a full treat with Wizards before going into the studio to do the feature with Italian "Riders" magazine."

New Zealand



"I own a 1962 Ford Falcon that I started building when I was 13 years old. I use Wizards Mist-N-Shine and Metal Polish on my car. I choose Mist-N-Shine because it doesn't leave the oily residue and static other detailers do. Wizards is great for dark paint - it keeps it looking rich and deep. We recommend Wizards to all of our customers."

2009 Goodguys Heartland Nationals "Young Guys" Pick

-Chris Galfre, owner
Galfre's Custom Rodz, Faribault, MN








"This is how well the Bike Wash works for engine bays. This is a 1965 Studebaker."

Roadrunner's Body Shop
Huachuca City, AZ
engine_bay_before.jpg engine_bay_after.jpg 

"Your products were recommended to us by several people and family members, including the person who did the custom paint job for us this Spring  (HoggersCustoms.com), so we decided to give them a try. We use Bike Wash, Shine Master, Mist-N-Shine and Tire & Vinyl Shine. We have won several awards this year and everyone asks how we get the shine and we tell them: 'Wizards Products and only Wizards Products.'"

-Nancy Mills
Leslie, MI

"Your products rock!"
P-51 Mustang "American Beauty" flown by Fred Cabanas of Key West, FL.

-John O'Connor, owner
Chicago, IL








"I am so impressed with how well Wizards Metal Polish worked on my wheels, I wanted to submit a before and after picture."

-Jeff Saucier
New Hope, MN
 before_and_after.jpg 100_4260.jpg

"My 1999 Road Star is over ten years old and Wizards for Motorcycles keeps it looking new. Thank you Wizards."

-James Stuckey
Brooklyn, NY

"I have used almost every product out there and I just discovered Wizards Products after winning a Detailing Cool Kit at a local show. I have tried everything in the kit and I'm amazed at the results. I will be trying some of your other products, like the Leather Plus as well. My 69 Chevelle and 07 Mustang love their new look."

-Carson Tuttle
Moline, IL





"Wizards has the ABSOLUTE best products out on the market and have for years. I always suggest your products if someone comes up and asks me what I use for detailing cars. I also do not forget to tell them that you will want to start chewing on your vehicle after detailing it because Wizards smells so good!"

-Brian Hansen
Saint Clair Shores, MI





"Our car is a 1963 Rambler Classic 770 with 53,000 miles. I had Wizards recommended to us when we bought the car, because the paint needed cleaning and polishing. The car had been waxed over the years with a popular name brand wax, but the paint had no real shine anymore. I first used Wizards Scratch Remover to clean the surface. One person said as we were cruising by, 'How did you get the paint so shiny?' I simply said, 'Wizards!' We have had the car 5 years now, and the paint is what people remark most on!"

-Steve & Kathy Isola
Duluth, MN










castrovano.jpg"I have owned classic cars for over 25 years and have been detailing my cars for shows. Believe me, I have tried every form of wax, polish and detailer. By far Wizards Products are truly the best! Especially the Mist-N-Shine. It is so easy to apply; I use it for every car show."

-Vince Castrovano
Keizer, OR




"My 2002 Corvette Z06 was cut, buffed and sealed with Wizards Products and I use Wizards Mist-N-Shine once a week. A show-winning shine for sure."

-Glen Ritz
Lyndon, WA




"I was extremely hesitant to try anything 'new.' I spent the last 3 years building my bike and I really wasn't ready to spray just anything on 16 coats of fresh candy apple red paint. So, I decided to try a small spot on the frame, then the fender and finally across the top of the fuel tank. WOW!! I couldn't believe how easy it was and how it makes the paint look wet all the time!! Everybody asks me what it is I use to make it look so good, and I tell them, 'Wizards.' I would recommend your product to anyone."
-David A. Wilson
Lancaster, CA



"My name is Rob Holland. I'm an airshow performer and an aerobatic competition pilot. In the airshow industry, keeping one's plane shiny and clean is very important when you're going to have 200,000 people per event looking at it. A friend gave me a bottle of your Mist-N-Shine and told me to try it. All I can say is . . . awesome! Attached are some pictures of my plane after using your product. What an amazing product! I'm telling all my airshow and pilot friends about your products."

-Rob Holland, President
Ultimate Airshows, Nashua, NH


"Over the last 10 years I've used every type of detailing product out there; your Shine Master is as good as it gets. If the wet look is what you're after, you won't want to touch the paint, 'cause the clear doesn't even look dry yet! And the rest of your product line is just as impressive and unique."

-Lynn Redeman, Owner
Montego Dream Cycle, Orlando, FL

"Witchblade" took first place, Pro Class at Sturgis, first at the Easy Rider Show in Myrtle Beach, first at the Master Show in Daytona, as well as numerous other Best of Show and First Place awards in the last year.

"I love the Multi-Fiber Towel with the Mist-N-Shine; nothing works better!"
1939 Ford, as seen in:
Street Rodder Magazine
Northern Rodder
Street Rod Builder
World of Wheels winner - Best Paint
Super Chevy winner
-Ron Williams, Owner
Auto Ron's, Davenport, IA


1999 Harley-Davidson Soft Tail
2001 Dupont Top Gun Award


-Jason Waleshek
Vadnais Heights, MN


Builder: Hugo Custom Hogs, Hugo, MN
Custom Paint:
X-treme Paint & Auto Body, Forest Lake, MN 

"We like to win, but we love Wizards!"

-Regis Gully
Troy, MI

Trick Titanium 1961 Studebaker Goldenhawk





"When we started using Wizards Products, we were so impressed with the deeper, glossier finishes we were achieving, we decided to become a dealer and sell the products to our customers also. We are extremely happy with the full line."

-Phil Palmer, Owner
Vicious Paint & Body, Erie, PA

"Over the many years of using different products and trying to find the one that works best, I finally found it! Mist-N-Shine is by far the best product I have ever found. Mist-N-Shine always makes our truck look like new again and helps repel future dust and dirt as well. It's simple to use, easy on, easy off, and most importantly, it doesn't streak! We love it!"

-Mark & Monique Schroeder
Owners and driver of the Devastator Monster Truck


"I have used many products on my own cars and cars at my business; none are better than Wizards - they make my cars look great!"


-Tray Marino, Owner
Marino's Auto Body Repair Center, Edgewater Park, NJ

'68 Chevy Camaro
Super Chevy Winner

"I do professional detailing as well as having my own show bike. I am absolutely convinced Wizards Products are the best!"

-Melvin Nicholas
Crown Point, IN

Paint by Dan Wilson, Hebron, IN
Customized by H-D or Crete, IL

1996 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide
First Place Winner Super Cycle Show
Third Place Easy Rider Show

"This '84 Chevy S-10 is a show winner wherever it goes, and all I ever use are Wizards Products!"

-Gary Tokarz
Posen, IL

"My '63 Pontiac Grad Prix is a show stopper wherever we go. Thanks to Mist-N-Shine, it is so easy to keep my car in show condition."

-Dick & Vi Clifton
Brooklyn Park, MN

-John & Kim Kari
Forest Lake, MN
1947 Ford Coupe
2000 Dupont Top Gun Award
2000 Silver Hacksaw Award
2001 MSRA Car of the Year
Custom Paint by X-treme Paint & Auto Body, Forest Lake, MN

-Marv Jorgenson
World Renowned Record Holder
Chopper City Cports, Fridley, MN
2001 Boss Hoss
605 cu. in. Donovan all aluminum motor
1,000 HP (with nitrous)
1/4 mile: High 7's at 185 MPH
1/8 mile: High 4's at 150 MPH
Custom Paint by X-treme Paint & Auto Body, Forest Lake, MN

"Wizards are by far the best products I have used. I've tried everything available. Your products are easy to use and leave a great shine with no streaks!"

-Rena Garcia
1948 Ford Convertible

"I love the high-gloss show finish the Shine Master gives, but the Mist-N-Shine with the Multi-Fiber Towel is unbeatable!"

-Rich Busch
1994 Pro-One Soft Tail

Customized and Painted by WRAT Motorcycle, LaCrosse, WI


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